Annual Meetings of the Meteoritical Society

July 28-August 2, Brussels, Belgium

In person only meeting

86th annual meeting of The Meteoritical Society

You are cordially invited to attend the 86th annual meeting of The Meteoritical Society, which will take place from July 28 through August 2nd, 2024, at the Palace of the Academies in Brussels, Belgium. The meeting is hosted by the Université libre de Bruxelles, the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, and the Institute of Natural Sciences.


Oral, poster, plenary sessions and Barringer lecture. We also plan to host special sessions on asteroid sample-return missions, as we expect to celebrate the arrival of OSIRIS-Rex. Emphasis will also be placed on micrometeorites and the curation of extraterrestrial samples, through the organization of a workshop at the Institute of Natural Sciences.

Welcome to Brussels

Although hosting the European parliament at the heart of Europe, Brussels remained a captivating medium-sized city where all major sites can be reached by foot or public transportation.