Curation in an increasing international community

This pre-conference workshop is dedicated to the curation of extraterrestrial samples. It is meant as a way of gathering curators, scientists and interested parties to share latest insights on current and future plans for curation facilities, protocols and technologies, and overall offering a space to exchange and nurture cooperation and collaboration.

Deadline for presentation request: June 30 2024 (see attendance button below)

Deadline for early bird registration: June 30 2024 (see registration form)

Deadline for late registration: July 2024

Registration on-site possible

The workshop will be organized around sessions and roundtables, from Saturday July 27th morning until Sunday July 28th end of morning. Full abstracts will not be solicited, but a description of max 300 words of desired presentations should be filled at the time of registration. Topics currently envisioned are:

  1. Current and future curation facilities for analogues, meteorites and returned samples
  2. The grey boundary between Preliminary Examination and Research: the right amount of curatorial analysis
  3. Containers for transport and analysis
  4. Contamination control and knowledge


Other topics will be added as needed. Do not hesitate to propose topics for presentation or discussion. Agenda is expected to be released mid-June. Chairs are Aurore Hutzler ( and Tomohiro Usui (