Brussels is easily reachable by train and flight. Please note there are two airports:

  • Brussels National (IATA code BRU) that is located very close from city center and is very easily reached by direct train.

  • Brussels South-Charleroi (IATA code CRL) located further away. This airport is only reachable by taxi and shuttle. Direct shuttles depart regularly from the Brussels South/Midi train station.

Several direct international trains from Paris, London, Amsterdam, Cologne arrive directly at the Brussels South/Midi train station.

Visit Brussels

Brussels is a highly touristic but relatively inexpensive city. The weather is an uncertain factor in Belgium, so do prepare for both rain and heat waves. Food is always there to enjoy, with chocolates, waffles, beers, and fries, and plenty of options for any dietary requirements. 

Due to the Olympic games in Paris, there is a possibly some people commute from Brussels to Paris. Do not hesitate to book your hotel room early.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Brussels!

Miscellaneous information

  • Bank


Debit/credit cards are accepted everywhere, also for small amounts. There is no need to get and carry large amount of cash.


  • Children


No childcare is planned but a quiet room will be available for family time. Please let us know if you have specific requests on this matter.


  • Climate


The weather in Brussels during the Summer is unpredictable and can vary from pouring rain to heat waves. Expect between 60 and 95°F / 15˚C and 35˚C and ~2 inches / 5 cm of rain on average. Prepare for anything and bring both sunglasses / sunscreen and umbrellas.


  • Criminality


While Brussels is a relatively quiet city, as in any big cities, some caution should be observed. Be aware of pickpockets in public transportation and always secure your bag while sitting on a terrasse in a café/pub. In case of an emergency, the European emergency number is 112, reachable by any phone even when not connected to the network.


  • Driving in Brussels


Brussels is a very walkable city so it is strongly advised NOT to rent a car. A public transportation ticket will be provided for the entire week.


  • Emergency


For any medical or criminal emergency, the European emergency number is 112, reachable by any phone even when not connected to the network.


  • Immigration


Please check here if you require a visa to enter in Belgium. Please submit your abstract and pay registration as soon as possible in case of heavy administrative paperwork.


  • Language


Belgium has 3 official languages: Dutch, French and German. However, Brussels is a very cosmopolitan city and English is spoken almost everywhere.


  • Tipping


No tipping is expected in Belgium, but people often leave a few coins on the table.